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Le ColonelBlumpkin, Aradhana Kamble,

Hercules Europe, Jonny Dale


Le ColonelBlumpkin, Aradhana Kamble, Hercules Europe, Jonny Dale

(free download includes both wav and mp3 versions, track notes, lyrics, music tabs) Through operatic hymns, fuzzed-out surf rock, western twang, and hints of cool/bebop, Osiris is a prayer to loved ones fighting impossible illness, punctuated by storms and dreamscape apparitions. It asks Osiris "Bring your floods from the underworld, chaos to up-end order." And with floods, Osiris’ skin darkens to black, life is renewed to soil. Herein lie the chaos + the flood, death + renewal, healing + hurt

Jonny Dale (Jonathan Dale) - drums, orchestral composition, lyrics, laughter

Aradhana Kamble - vocals, summoning of thunder

Hercules Europe - trumpet, bird sounds, nature, therapy

Martina Dale - good vibes, positivity, love

Le ColonelBlumpkin - vocals, lyrics, guitar, bass, tambourine, modem-noises

Recorded at Christ Central Church (Jordan Village, IN); Hercules' Sonic Temple (Carborro, NC); MOnSteR Studioz & Rock Farm (WPB, FL)

Tracking and Mixing - Le Colonel Blumpkin / MOnSteR Studioz

Mastering - Amy Marie, Yes Master Studios (Nashville, TN)

Cover art - Em Misery, Alfonso Alvarez, Le ColonelBlumpkin

Music Life-Coaching - Em Misery

Distribution & Fun - 100-Mondaze (Crystal Jaudon, Em Misery)

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Congratulations, Le ColonelBlumpkin and the Osiris Massive!

Posted by Crystal Jaudon on Monday, September 7, 2020