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Monster Studioz and 100 Mondaze prezent ... OSIRIS


Through operatic hymns, fuzzed-out surf rock, western twang, and hints of cool/bebop, Osiris is a prayer to loved ones fighting impossible illness, punctuated by great storms and dreamscape apparitions. It asks Osiris "Bring your floods from the underworld, chaos to up-end order." And with floods, Osiris’ skin darkens to black, as life is renewed to soil. Herein lie the chaos + the flood, death + renewal, healing + hurt

Jonny Dale - drum wizardry 

Hercules Europe - trumpets, bird sounds

Aradhana Kamble - spiraling vocalz, summoning of thunder

Le ColonelBlumpkin - guitarz, vocalz, modemz, artifacts



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MOnSteR Studioz on location with ... The Gents