Monster Studioz & 100 Mondaze present




Monday July 20, 8pm

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DUdE!! We totally won "MOsT UNiQuE StYLe" at the 2018 DeLand Original Music Festival. THANK YOU Songwriters Showcases of America (SSA)! Also nominated for Best Band of 2018. Our performance that night at the DeLand Original Music Fest was also ... shall we say ... unique


Colonel Blumpkin,

layin' down some rock n' roll, & lotta soul

with The Moon Men.

At the Robot Brewing Co.

Boca Raton, FL

Colonel Blumpkin went for a "walkies" at RedEYE BEYOND 2018 ... mid-Fashion Astronautz

shot out to our Tennessee friend, Donald Dill - Rock on. Love, your C***MOnSteRy Palz

Stardate 2015 :: update from Planet Glammaron :: new workz in the making ... in the fashion astronautz tradition, we have embarked on another 3-phased tribute to peace, love and random acts of fabulousness in space -- "solar power ufo".  

also polishing up pieces of
thinking bear, a semi-honest poem for a man who gets eaten by a bear. also comes in 2-4 parts, depending on how all the psychedelia and fantasticalness is metered out. along with the body parts. inspired in part by hearing loss combined with listening to a Zero Seven song. and also by fuzzy, our on-stage animal partner and manager of sorts.

i totally OWN this band. sez Fuzzy