From the recording OSIRIS

Line up:

Jonny Dale (Jonathan Dale) - drums, orchestral composition, lyrics, laughter
Martina Dale - good vibes, positivity, love
Hercules Europe - trumpet, bird sounds, nature, therapy
Aradhana Kamble - vocals, summoning of thunder
Le ColonelBlumpkin - vocals, lyrics, guitar, bass, tambourine, modem-noises

Recorded at Christ Central Church (Jordan Village, IN); Hercules' Sonic Temple (Carborro, NC); MOnSteR Studioz & Rock Farm (WPB, FL)

Tracking and Mixing - Le Colonel Blumpkin / MOnSteR Studioz

Music Life-Coaching - Em Misery

Mastering - Amy Marie, Yes Master Studios (Nashville, TN)

Cover art - Em Misery, Alfonso Alvarez, Le ColonelBlumpkin

Distribution, Kick-Off Party Fun-Time - 100-Mondaze (Crystal Jaudon, Em Misery)

Thank you to our family of listeners, reviewers, & friends who kick ass and helped make this journey pure magic: Mum (Ann Saunders), Melanie Pitts, Alex Nick & Madeline, Sue Hollis, Rico Morales, Devin Holden, Gaelan Holden, Chris Anderson, Patchouli (Bruce and Julie), Dave Moore, Sandi Moore, Joanne (delux car stereo) Baker, Marthe & Arnold, Elizabeth Gilbert, Jen Strassberg, Jim and Dianne Aube, Radio Gaga the Ultimate Queen Tribute (Stu Aldoroty, Eric Wood and friends), The Gents, Hijas De La Muerte, Honeyvoid, Boom Unit Brass Band, Fluff Chick, The Cave and Bowbarr (Chapel Hill, NC)

And of course, Dad (Jim Saunders). The boxer who showed us what it means to fight like a champ.