Hidden Spell - Outtro Violin

The Misty Sessionz

Safe In Your Head - needs redo of drums. demo is also missing the female harmonies

The Ice Man Comet - mix needs major facelift, re-synch/tempo-fixes, & overdubs. BIG M/F harmonies 

** Droggz (Therapy) - needs total redo of drumz, mixing levels. also to add horns, and fade-out to ocean & nature sounds

Solar Powered UFO - Part 1 (of 3) - need total redo of drums. Redo's of male vox, guitars. horns to be added later on "Laser Beam Nebulaaaaaah!"

So Nice - very clunky demo version, needs redo of everything

Polar Bear Vortex - very clunky demo, needs redo of everything

Thin(king) Bear - unfinished song, but BIG M/F harmonies

** Vaginal Penis - needs some new & added lyrics, but lots of choir backing vocal

** Hidden Spell - needs horns, Rhodes piano, not sure but maybe female harmonies somewhere

** = to be released 2022, on "Slutfabulous" album