Yakiv Tsvietinskyi Sessionz

I am so very honoured and excited to be working with one of my favorite musicians, Yakiv Tsvietinskyi, on some upcoming tracks.

Below are some videos of his previous works. It is beautiful music made by some incredible musicians.


Le ColonelB' / Colin

... praise of Yakiv Tsvietinskyi's "cool performance," from my dear friend Arnold ...


Hi Colin

Always pleased to hear from you no matter how long it takes. I even marvel at the fact that you can find time in today’s busy world to accomplish as much as you do. I am retired and never find the time to complete my daily agenda no matter how I try. In today’s world of long waits on the telephone to try to respond to the idiotic robotic responses which effectively manage to miss the point of any call we try to make, I suspect that “evasion of responsibility” has become the world’s new measure of success.  In spite of this you seem to progress, judging from Yakiv’s "Minimalist Jazz” that you shared with me.  As one of my favourite instruments (which was the closing feature of my night club shows) I really appreciate Yakiv’s  cool performance. His dreamy sound and imaginative phrasing is what I always aimed to achieve in my own  show performances. I will surely be on the lookout for more of Yakiv and particularly featuring the Rhodes with you on the ivories. Please give my regards to Yakiv along with my appreciation of his artful performance and my regrets for what Putin is doing to his beautiful homeland. Thanks also for including Rosie’s photo in the description of your caring activities and refreshing our memories of Hanna. I particularly appreciate the thoughtful gesture of your mum in framing a printout of my letter to hang over the Rhodes. It certainly brings back fond souvenirs of all those pleasant times we spent together during our Sarasota years.


Wishing you continued success in your musical pursuits,  looking forward to witnessing more of your artistic creations and receiving news of your progress, Marthe joins me in thanking you for your continued communications and the impressive samples of your artful accomplishments. Take care….


Warmest regards,

Arnold & Marthe.