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half cheeky Brit Pop. half Grand Master Flash. half prog rock from 1974. half pirate memory gamez. Rhonda Anaconda, Le ColonelBlumpkin, and Sir Phillip of Hot-Footshire are an ancient magical species known as The C...MOnSteRs. Now a rock gang in West Palm Beach, they bring blistering riffs and falsettos of fire, centered around cosmic adventures with asteroidz, robotz, comets, bottled fat, python-leather everything, pantz with attitude, plus a sprinkle of tea-time sing-song. 

The C...MOnSteRs were awarded "Most Unique Style" by the Songwriters Showcases of America at the DeLand Original Music Festival 2018. The intergallactic adventures continue, with glam-punk anthemz about insurgent Polar Bears, Apocalypses and Solar Powered Kick-assery. And - of course, darlings - new spandex space suits. Cheerz.

all gigs bright & beautiful, 

all venues great and small,

rock festivals, private parties, or high tea, 

The C...MOnSteRs play them all

We also provide recording/studio services,

interviews, biscuits, and twoddle.


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