when the end is upon us
and you know you cant stop it
come to the Crystal Forest
on the Ice Man Comet.

the robots bolted your head to the ice
the robots said you had to stay back and
fight! in the war against the corporate death squadz
and no one wants to see them
our wonderful world
yeah. our wonderful world

come on, baby robotz
come on up
up to the stars
rock this ship far
out into space
love awaits, on the crystal forest
of the Ice Man Comet

Robots lay down your gunz
... come to the Ice Man Comet ...
It's a party and we're gonna get cru-u-unk
... come to the Ice Man Comet ...
Rock this intergallactic Ball
with unfrozen Neanderthalz

... ceremonial Neanderthal marriage guitarmony ...

Dont you fear that atomic bomb
head to the ice and the ice man'll cometh
And feel my Solar Powered Love.
... it's a party on the Ice Man Comet! ...

... when the end is upon us ...
now the starz have all gone out.
... and you know you cant stop it ...
and the cities have fallen.
... come to the crystal forest ...
escape from the fall-out
on the ice-man comet.
on the iCe MAn CoMet.

the robotz bolted y'head to the ice.
was it something the radio said 2 U?
"No. I want just to keep still.
My secrets will be revealed.

Come on baby, come on up!
Robotz and Loverz

Come on baby Robotz, come on up.
Up to the starz.
Rock this ship far, baby
Out into space
Love AwAitZ, on the CrYStaL FOReSt
auf der Ice Man Komet, na klar!

It's a party on the Ice Man Comet
It's a party on the Ice Man Comet
With Unfrozen Neanderthalz!

... closing Neanderthal marriage
ceremonial gutiarmonies ...

a goodbye that arrives too late
Light year's away from us now
Hope your space ship treatz you well
Sending love from the Crystal Forest
His poetry lights stars in the night
songz that made The Darkness shine
but all the rivers lead to an ocean.

Do you remember?
our stars were to be our fire in the sky?
Hugz n' kissez.
your favorite,