To Donald Dill, our main ** Astroman *** . Fight hard, Rock on. The C...MOnSteRs are thinking of you and wishing you the best. Love from your Palz, The Colonel, Anaconda, Urethra & HotFoote

half cheeky Brit Pop.
half Grand Master Flash.
half prog rock from 1974.
half pirate memory gamez.

Rhonda Anaconda, Colonel Blumpkin
and Sir Phillip of Hot-Footshire

are an ancient magical species
known as The C...MOnSteRs

Live from the swamp... Feb 2015

Now a rock gang in West Palm Beach, they portray the life and times of asteroidz, bottled fat, python-leather everything, pantz with attitude, and tea-time sing-songs.

Hottt off the Presssss...

“You guys are Top Tits, like a librarian with a back brace!” —  Barbara DeCesare, Performance Artist (Baltimore, MD)
“I like the Fashion Astronautz. There's lots of orgasms in that song. Lots of orgasms” —  hipster rock chick 

“Python Pantz is the funniest shit EVER!!!” —  Rob on Vocals 

"what is Python Pantz about, anyhow? I don't get it” —  Hell Bent

“Asteroidz DeluXxe sounds exactly like Grand Master Flash but different.” —  Fruit of the Legion of Loom 

“Blown away by the rock opera 'Fashion Astronautz' - monumental sounds! Like Flaming Lips + ELO + healthy dose of trippy psych-folk for good measure”—  MikeWhitePresents 

“TOTALLY freakin' AWESOME. The chord structure is so unbelievably...weird...and the harmonics are fkn INCREDIBLE!! Absolutely love this!” —  Schroeder's Ghost
“Sounds & looks all so light and fun but I hear excellent musicianship and have most respect for you. all this in a trio format--cool! So many influences in your songs. Obviously great sense of humor over there too. Love the dog video” - Kloudworks
“your song “Vaginal Penis” is ironic... I recently wrote a song called "My Mangina"… my mangina is a lesbian.” —  TRASH
“great stuff! y'all remind me of ween, frank zappa, the butthole surfers, and devo in a blender. keep up the good work, and keep it strange.”   Enok

“who is that hot chick playing bass?” —  Wendy Biscuit

“the guitarist plays like a wild banshee - making them squeal, moan & burble, in ways once thought unimaginable ....unique & very very enjoyable...” —  Nick and Mandy, Genre Fuse

“RockHard SlutPunk AssRock Chick.....the title says it all....fantastic” —  The Bones Martyn Band

“What an awesome band, I want one like this” —  SpEnt fiXer

"Wank me to blazes, Colonel." —  The Frigates


Ginger the ancient magical monkey sez... "Download the new super-rock adventure Oh, You Naughty Saucer.  It'll make you feel better.  Pow!"